Thursday, 10 April 2014

Marry kiss cliff book tag!

Hi guys!
As you can tell from the title, this is the marry kiss cliff book tag! I have been meaning to do this tag for ages after seeing it on YouTube a few months ago, as it just looks so fun! I have enough names for 14 rounds, so lets get started...

1. Marry - Jace Lightwood (TMI)
Kiss - Jack (Blood red road)
Cliff - Caleb Prior (Divergent)

That round was pretty easy! Hopefully the others wont be too hard.

2. Marry - Valek (Poison study)
Kiss - Thomas (The maze runner)
Cliff - Xander (Matched)

3. Marry - Minho (The maze runner) 
Kiss - Will (Divergent)
Cliff - DeMalo (Blood red road)

4. Marry - Chaol (Throne of glass)
Kiss - Stanley (Holes)
Cliff - Al (Divergent)

5. Marry - Alex (Hunting Lila) 
Kiss - Julian (Level 2)
Cliff - Lugh (Blood red road)

6. Marry - Janco (Throne of glass) 
Kiss - Tommo (Blood red road)
Cliff - Gale (THG)

7. Marry - Alex (Delirium)
Kiss - Dorian (Throne of glass)
Cliff - Peeta (THG)

8. Marry - Julian (The forbidden game) 
Kiss - Eric (Divergent)
Cliff - Marcus (Divergent)

That was a hard one!

9. Marry - Sutter Keely (The spectacular now) 
Kiss - Zero (Holes)
Cliff - Sebastian (TMI)

10. Marry - Four (Divergent)
Kiss - Alec Lightwood (TMI)
Cliff - Caleb (Eve)

11. Marry - Uriah (Divergent)
Kiss - Augustus (TFIOS)
Cliff - Julian Fineman (Delirium)

12. Marry - Ari (Throne of glass) 
Kiss - Ethan (The caster chronicles)
Cliff - Tom (The forbidden game)

13. Marry - Magnus Bane (TMI) 
Kiss - Isaac (TFIOS)
Cliff - Ky (Matched)

14. Marry - Simon (TMI) 
Kiss - Peter (Divergent) (Don't judge me! My main reason for this choice is because Miles Teller plays him in the movie and I love Miles Teller!) 
Cliff - Chuck (The maze runner)

Thanks for reading! This was such a fun tag to do and it was really hard making the decisions, although I do think that mine were a little easier than some of the others that I have seen. Comment down below if you agreed or disagreed with my decisions and what you would have chosen!
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