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Poison study by Maria V Snyder Review

Poison study by Maria V Snyder review

6691056Choose: A quick death or slow poison ...

On the eve of her execution for murder, Yelena Zaltana is offered an incredible reprieve - on the condition that she becomes the food taster for the military leader of Ixia, Commander Ambrose.

Avoiding poison is the least of her troubles, however ... General Brazell, father of the man she killed, has vowed bloody revenge; she's beginning to have feelings for her captor, Valek; and someone is plotting the downfall of the current regime.

In a desperate race against time, Yelena must learn to control the growing magical talent within her and master the demons of her past. The Commander's life, the future of Ixia and all those she loves depend on it ...

Poison study is an intriguing and emotional start to the study series, and had everything that you could possibly want to make a great story: A kick-ass heroine, assassins, humour and romance.
In my opinion, every character in this book was likeable (expect of course, Brazell and the other bad guys). And every character added something extra to the story, which made it so much more enjoyable, Ari and Janco added humour, Valek added romance and Yelena was just an amazing character to read about! With Yelena and Valek, I think that as well as being a cool assassin and overall amazing characters, they also had a lot of depth to their personalities, which came out when they were with each other. Valek would seem hard and intimidating from the outside, but he really did have a sensitive side. I also loved the friendship that formed between Yelena, Ari and Janco, and some of my favourite parts in the book was when they teach Yelena self defence.
Overall, I think that this book was well written and I loved every part of this story, especially the world building, because who doesn't love a book that's set in a castle! And the depth of the characters and their backgrounds.
This was a great book and I recommend it to everyone! Definitely worthy of 5/5 stars!


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