Wednesday, 1 January 2014

December Wrap Up

Today I am doing my final wrap up of this year. This is where I show you guys what books I read in the month of December. So lets get started...

Entwined by Heather Dixon.

I absolutely loved this book and I am already planning on re-reading this next year. This was a great Christmas read and has just the right amount of creepiness and humour to keep me gripped from beginning to end. I ended up giving this book of course 5/5 stars.

The statistical probability of love at first sight by Jennifer E Smith.


Honestly, I do not know why I decided to read this at Christmas, because it is more of a summer book, but I enjoyed it all the same. It wasn't the most exciting book but the storyline was good enough to keep me reading, and I liked the premise of the two people meeting at an airport and of the whole story being set over only 24 hours. But overall this book was not the most gripping reads, but was still good so I ended up giving it 4/5 stars.

Let it snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle.


I loved this book! This was another great Christmas read and I am so glad that I picked it up! I already knew that I would like at least one third of this book because I love John Green's writing, but I have never read a book by Maureen Johnson or Lauren Myracle, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Of course, as I expected I absolutely loved John Green's part of this book, it was also a pleasant surprise that Maureen Johnson's part of the book was also amazing! But I have to admit that for the most part, Lauren Myracle's part in this book was not as strong and I found myself getting a little bored in parts, but she pulled through and I thought that the way the book ended was very good and a nice way to finish it. Obviously I also ended up giving this book 5/5 stars.

Zombicorns and The war for Banks island by John Green.

After reading Let it snow, I felt in the mood to read some more of John Green's books, but the only ones that I owned and hadn't read were Zombicorns and The war for Banks island, so I decided to read them. I did actually really enjoy both books, which was a surprise for me because I do not normally like things about zombies, but this story was very interesting and John Green's writing was as good as normal, and because of this I ended up reading both Zombicorns and The war for Banks island in one day. I gave both books 5/5.

The next book I read in December was Poison study by Maria V Snyder.
I really, really enjoyed this book and it as actually the first high fantasy book that I have ever read, and I now have a love for fantasy books! I thought that the premise of this book was very interesting and I loved the characters (especially Valek) I loved Yelena's character as well, because she was badass and not the damsel in distress that I normally hear about from fantasy novels. I loved this book and obviously gave it 5/5 stars.

For the next book, I decided to carry on with the study series and so I read Magic study by Maria V Snyder.
This book was just as good as the first and I was really happy about the storyline and the new characters that were introduced, because normally, for me, second books in series tend to not be as good as the first, but this was an exception. Again I gave this 5/5 stars.

I then carried on the series by reading Fire study by Maria V Snyder.
This was another amazing book and wrapped up the series very well. There were parts were I was literally crying and which made me very emotional, but there were also parts which would make me laugh out loud. This series is just consistently amazing all the way through and I cannot wait for the fourth book to come out next year! I gave this book another 5/5 stars.

Then I continued on with the study series by reading the short novellas which went along with it. I read Assassin study, Power study and Ice study by Maria V Snyder.
These were great novellas to go along with the series and were very enjoyable to read. I gave all three of these 5/5 stars.

Thanks for reading and I hope that December was a great reading month for you all. Happy new year!
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