Saturday, 28 December 2013

Most played: Week of 23rd December

Today is my second most played songs post, where I tell you guys my most played songs from this past week. So lets get started...

1. Blurred lines by Robin Thicke ft TI and Pharrell

Even though this song has been out for a while, I have recently been listening to it a lot. This song has also been named the most controversial song of 2013, which I do not necessarily agree with, and I still really like this song anyway.
As you probably do not know, I absolutely love Duck Dynasty. And if you do not know what duck dynasty is, it is a documentary TV show about the Robertson family, who invented the duck call. I love the show and so for Christmas I was given their duck the halls CD. I have been listening to this over the Christmas period and I love it! Definitely check it out as it is a cross between country and classic Christmas music!
Those are my most listened to songs of this past week, I hope you enjoyed it and I will speak to you next week in my first music post of 2014!
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