Friday, 20 December 2013

Most Played: Week of 16th December

So this is a new series which I have decided to start, where I show you what my most played songs of this past week have been. I will be doing this every Friday and I hope you all enjoy!
So before I start I will say that my taste in music is quite varied but mostly I listen to country and occasionally a little bit of pop music, so lets get started!

1. Not by Hunter Hayes.

This is one of Hunter Hayes' older songs from his album songs about nothing. I absolutely love every song that I have ever heard by Hunter Hayes, but this has been my #1 most played of this week, check it out even if you are not keen on country because he is amazing!

2. Constant conversations by Passion pit.

Considering I am not the biggest fan of electronic music I love Passion pit, I find that listening to them at the end of the day just cheers me up a bit and puts me in a good mood. Definitely give this a listen, even if you don't normally listen to electronic.

3. Let it go by the Neighbourhood.

I have recently found the Neighbourhood and I absolutely love them and have mostly been playing this song non stop over the past week, also after hearing it on the Originals, I el in love even more because I also love the show!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this. I have obviously listened to a lot more than just these 3 songs this past week, these are just my most played. All of the links to the songs are I the titles and I definitely recommend that you check them out because they are amazing! Watch out for more music posts and next weeks most played.
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