Sunday, 2 March 2014

Favourite workout music

As you can probably tell I do not do music posts very often, and I also do not workout very often (if at all), but when I do, I like to listen to some good music to keep me motivated, and so today I decided to show you guys some of my favourite songs to listen to when I workout!

1. Melodies - Madison Beer

2. Make it up - Alonzo Holt

3. Wherever you are - Alonzo Holt

4. Young and beautiful - Lana Del Ray

5. A little party never killed nobody (all we got) - Fergie 

6. On my mind - Pia Mia 

7. Hold on we're going home - Pia Mia

8. Treasure - Bruno Mars

Those are all of my top workout songs, I hope you enjoyed and if you try it out leave a comment down below!
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